Corporate Policies

We put LIFE first. Our souls, efforts and research are dedicated to making LIFE better for everyone.


"To ensure LIFE - Love, Inspiration, Fun and Essentials (Food, Clothing, Shelter, Healthcare, and Good Environment) for EVERYONE in world by 2040".


"To develop trusted relationships and practise entrepreneurship, innovation and ethics for shared prosperity".

We faced corporate and political attacks, hostile takeover attempts, internal storms and all possible means to sabotage our operations. We survived because we kept working hard on our vision and pursued our mission with full dedication and sincerity.


We promoted entrepreneurship, challenged individual mindsets and took pains to ensure that our collective intelligence is targeted towards eliminating hunger, poverty and unemployment.

Hundreds of our past employees have successfully started their own business ventures and created additional livelihood opportunities.


We created an encouraging and innovative work environment for engineers and management graduates who ignored glamourous jobs in MNCs to work for transformation of villages, small towns and under-developed countries.

Our people developed hundreds of products of household and industrial utility.


Corporate Governance System Standard is a comprehensive document that defines our core business policies and management system.

We have been subjected to the highest degree of scrutiny and investigations by dozens of topmost central and state government agencies in India.

Our commitment to law of land, integrity and financial transparency ensured that we come out victorious against all odds.